By: Mursal Rahman , September 13 2022

If you’re an animal lover, art collector, or an environmentally conscious shopper then you will surely like the beautiful scarves from Misheo Designs. Michelle Pang started Misheo in 2016 combining her passion for art and fashion by featuring her original illustrations in functional stylish scarves. She portrays her love for biodiversity and animals by including illustrations of rare wildlife, at-risk speaks, local flora, and fauna in her designs.

“I’ve always loved animals and plants. Simply put, I think it’s important to protect them. It’s so rewarding to be able to channel my artwork to serve a greater purpose other than the creation of the artwork itself. I hope to remind others to advocate for conservation by setting an example of featuring different flora and fauna in my work, donating a percentage of profits to wildlife in need, and using more eco-friendly materials,” Pang says. The designer hopes that her work can serve as a documentation of how one can fuel their passion by creating art that is both self-fulfilling and good for the planet.

Five per cent of Misheo’s net profits are donated to wildlife in need. The designer doesn’t want anyone to feel like buying her products is a selfish decision.“It’s important to me that people feel good when acquiring one of my designs, and for them to know that they can make a positive impact on the environment by choosing where to shop,” states Pang.

There are many endangered species that require attention but Pang finds it hard to believe that the Sumatran tigers are in danger of becoming extinct. “This beautiful species of tiger lives on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra and there are only approximately a few hundred left,” says Pang.

Pang believes that protecting the environment is more important than ever, and that’s why she uses eco-conscious materials. Her line of scarves are made with Tencel fabric which is responsibly sourced from eucalyptus making it one of the most sustainable products she offers. “All the scarves in my collections are made using natural fabrics because they can be easily decomposed and will return to nature without leaving harmful particles at the end of their use,” explains Pang. “Natural fabrics are also more breathable and come in different finishes.”

Each scarf design starts as a handcrafted pencil or ink illustration. After finding inspiration for a collection Pang researches the wildlife to learn about their characteristics. Once the composition is finalized, a detailed drawing is digitized so that she can experiment with colours. The design process for a scarf can take up to a month to complete. However, it took time for Pang to find a place that produces scarves while maintaining great qualities.

“At first, we experimented with different printers and seamstresses locally with some success and failures. Most of our scarves are now printed and sewn in Italy and are very high quality,” she says.

Pang believes that if everybody altered their shopping habits slightly the environment would benefit greatly. “Shopping local helps reduce your carbon footprint while benefitting the local economy. Small businesses not only often give back to the community, and in our case the environment, they also strive to provide greater product diversity,” says Pang. Consumers can look for quality products that will last longer so that you will create less waste over time. “Look at the fibre contents of your garments before you buy, to make sure that the garment has a less negative impact on the environment.”

Her newest collection is inspired by animals and plants of the Pacific Northwest, the place she calls home. The collection features two designs in two colorways each, which have been printed on a wool and silk blend fabric and were then made into large scarves.

To explore the full collection, visit Misheo.

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Published: September 13 2022  |  Author: Mursal Rahman  |  Tagged: eco fashion, fashion, sustainability