By: Janice Ronan , July 19 2022

Precious Threads by Abiola Models | Image Source: Jeff Stiggs

In our ever-changing civilization – the notion that women are the backbone to society and the bedrock of a nation remain constant. They bring life to the world. Their instincts are to care for infants, the young, aging, ill and those in need. Our mothers, sisters and daughters share a core value of caring for others. They are our doctors, lawyers, politicians, bankers, astronauts, teachers, bosses, fighter pilots – the list goes on and on. There is no limit to what women can achieve. The world needs more women leaders and is truly fortunate to have Abiola Akinsiku on its side.

Multi-award-winning, luxury womenswear creative force, Abiola is the Head Designer and Creative Director of Precious Threads by Abiola, a high-fashion, African inspired label, lovingly named after her daughter, Precious. Her accolades include Emerging Designer of the Year (2017) – African Fashion Industry Awards, Ladies Wear Designer of the Year (2018) – African Fashion Industry Awards and the Black Designers of Canada – Award of Excellence (2021).

Her inspiration stems from her inherent lure to architecture, structure, clean lines, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. A celebration of all women, Precious Threads by Abiola is a brand synonymous with modernism, opulent femininity, integrity, and quality. Each piece is hand-crafted with a women’s silhouette top of mind.
Abiola takes immense pride and inspiration in the rich culture, elegance, and core values of her Nigerian origins.

Designer: Abiola Akinsiku

With precision and a key attention to detail, she ensures the sourcing of only high-quality materials, exceptional patterns, and rich, vibrant colors. Collections are fashion-forward in vision, capturing an individual’s personal style while permitting one’s personality and confidence to shine. Garments undoubtably have their own voice but never for the wearer. The Precious Threads woman commands attention…in any room.

Precious Threads by Abiola was an immediate hit with consumers, catching and holding the attention of the fashion and media realm and has been featured in top publications including, coverage in VOGUE, British VOGUE, BlogTO, Narcity, on Breakfast Television and high-profile collaborations including Disney, U for Change, and Dr. Liza Shoes.

The Embellished Blazer Set (Special Edition Capsule Collection)
Paired with the Dr. Liza ‘Ankara’ Green Shoe | Image Source: Osato Erebor

With a deep passion & love for women and children who are escaping abusive situations, Abiola is a crusader, championing and paving the way for the future and institution of real change.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, possibly without claiming it, she stands up for all women.

Maya Angelou

Domestic violence knows no boundaries; it affects all types of relationships, all socio-economic classes, all ages, and all spectrums of religious & cultural life. Abiola works tirelessly to help shine a light at the end of a tunnel that appears dark for so many, helping to create a world where women and children are free from the threat of violence. She is the founder of the Fashionable Escape – an annual charitable event in support of women and children fleeing domestic violence.

The Fashionable Escape Runway | Image Source: BatChan Media

A passionate philanthropist, she teaches sewing skills to young women & girls at the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment – committed to empowering young women & girls between seven to seventeen years of age from Canada. A comprehensive approach to empowerment by providing programs that support the mental, physical & social well-being of young women and girls. A centre committed to equality & diversity as a reflection of their commitment to anti-oppression, and to ensure they meet the needs of the diverse population served, fostering an environment that respects people’s dignity, ideas & beliefs thereby ensuring equality & diversity in the community.

As a domestic violence survivor herself, Abiola has first-hand knowledge & experience of the numerous challenges & debilitating damage alongside finding yourself in such circumstances. She is mindful of how vitally important it is to support the growth & development of children, young girls & women by creating safe havens, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Bearing this in mind with top priority, Precious Threads by Abiola aims to employ women in their area of passion and skills. Women with a heart for and skill set in the arts, photography, sewing, drafting, pattern making, website development and maintenance, accounting as well as in an array of other areas. Aiming to not simply provide an income with which the women can survive, but one with which they and their families can thrive.

*For information on how to get involved in The Fashionable Escape & all media requests please contact:

Janice Ronan
Director of Public Relations
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