5 Eco Friendly Athletic Wear Brands Making a Sustainable Impact

By: Jodi Goodfellow , August 1 2022

Remember when tear away pants were all the rage? It has been amazing to see the evolution of athletic wear, which has come a long way in terms of design and function. We are seeing a rise in conscious consumers, particularly those who live a healthy lifestyle. However, athletic wear is faced with slightly different challenges compared to materials used for other genres of fashion because they need to be stretchy, lightweight, durable and withstand moisture.

However, many materials that meet such requirements are man made, which means they typically include higher levels of plastic fibres and are harder to recycle or break down. This has forced many athletic wear brands to find solutions that are more sustainable. Here are 5 different brands utilizing various resources to be eco friendly.

1. Tala
Tala supports slow fashion without compromising style or comfort. They use Q-nova, Bamboo, recycled nylon, recycled and organic cotton. Not only are their materials sustainable but also have plantable tags giving the consumer an incentive when purchasing, they can plant their own seed.

Web: https://www.wearetala.com/

2. Girlfriend
Girlfriend’s active wear is made from either recycled nylon or polyester fibers, which are derived from recycled plastic bottles or fishing nets. This concept was created to divert these materials from clogging landfills and polluting oceans. Cool right?! They also believe in ethical manufacturing and recycling. They provide consumers with a sustainability report showing how many water bottles were diverted from landfills, how many pounds of CO2 were prevented and how much energy and water was saved with their purchase. Needless to say, they are stepping up to also educate about sustainable practices.

Web: https://girlfriend.com

3. Boody
Australian brand Boody uses bamboo as its main material within its comfy monochrome activewear and underwear products. They use this material to show how its versatile properties and their sustainable values intertwined. Eco friendly processing and zero waste manufacturing is also a top priority for the brand.

Web: https://boody.co.uk

4. Threads 4 Thought
Threads 4 Thought is driven by helping to create a healthier planet through not only the materials they use but also their process with 80% of wastewater being recycled and reused within their process. We love their simple colour block tracksuits and oh so comfy leggings.

Web: https://www.threads4thought.com/

5. People Tree
People Tree have three decades of experience in ethical fashion, combining traditional methods and skills with newer technologies. They use Fairtrade organic cotton, Tencel, Linen and wool to create
their popular activewear range.

Web: https://www.peopletree.co.uk/

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Published: August 1 2022  |  Author: Jodi Goodfellow  |  Tagged: None